Stop Organizing and Purge

I read this post on Becoming Minimalist about all the crap that we own and it made me feel sick.  300,000 items in the average American home?  The average American throws away 65 lbs of clothes each year?   Women will spend more than 8 years of their lives shopping?  Omg.  Well, not this woman. I’m ready to tackle some “stuff” and to stop buying it.  I’m so over it.

I’ve been on a rampage in my own house, trying to get rid of stuff.  Pare down.  I’m not a minimalist by any stretch, but oh, how I envy them.  I’ve been in minimalist homes and they are just so peaceful.  So clean. So serene.

It would be so much easier to clean as a minimalist!  You aren’t having to pick up a bunch of stuff and put it back every time you clean.  It’s not that surprising that on average, we spend over a year of our lives cleaning.  There are so many things I’d rather be doing!  Or how about the money that many people spend on a house cleaner?  If you spent only $60 twice a month (every other week), that’s still over $1500 and most people spend more than that.  $1500 could get you a pretty decent vacation!

Here are 18 Things You Can Get Rid of Today to start you on your journey to a less cluttered home!

Kid’s stuff- find a friend with younger kids or a local charity to donate to if things are still in useable condition

  • too small kid clothing, including shoes/boots and sports uniforms
  • outgrown dress up clothing such as old Halloween costumes
  • toys your kids no longer play with
  • games with missing pieces
  • books and movies/DVDs your child has outgrown
  • filled-in coloring books and broken crayons
  • that pile of socks without mates – you know you have one


  • expired make-up and samples you know you won’t use
  • old medicine that you either don’t know what it is or it’s expired (look up recommended way to dispose of medications in your city)
  • nail polish – old or colors you don’t wear anymore


  • old spices
  • expired food


  • books – sell to a used bookstore or donate to a local charity
  • children’s books – same as above or even a local school might be interested
  • magazines – recycle or donate
  • DVDs/movies – some used bookstores buy used DVDs and music cCDstoo
  • music CDs

Things That Need Repairs

Anything that is broken and has been broken for over six months to a year, get rid of it.  You are obviously never going to repair this item.  Either toss it or give it away.  It is likely that you feel guilt every you time you look at it, knowing that it’s still a perfectly fine item, if you just had the time to ‘insert-repair-needed-here’.  If it’s been over a year,  and you haven’t made it a priority by now, it’s not going to happen.  Toss the item….and the guilt associated with it!

What are your favorite quick ways of de-cluttering?  I’m always looking for tips!