Picture Book Favorites

The annual read-a-thon is starting at school.  It goes on for 2 weeks.  We track how much the kids read and the classes compete to see who can read the most.

This is also the time when, for some reason, Big D, reads the least.  I don’t know if it’s the pressure of it or because he is being “told” to read, but without fail, he seems to read the least amount during this period than the rest of the school year.

So, this year, I’m getting prepared.  It’s Boo’s first year at school, so he will be super motivated.  Maybe.  I just found this list and it’s really good for picture books.  I am always looking for new books that we haven’t read yet.

I request them online from the library so they are waiting for me to pick up all at once.

With St Patty’s Day approaching, I also really like this list of Celtic Mythology and Irish Folktales.

I collect book lists on this Pinterest board and this one for pictures books so we aren’t always wandering aimlessly around the library and end up bringing home boring books.

I still love a good picture book and we still have several from when I was a child.  My sister and I swap back and forth of who gets to keep them at their house.  I think it’s my turn coming up!

My Two Favorite Picture Books From Childhood

Humbug Rabbit by Lorna Balian is such a sweet book and would be a great Easter gift.  The illustrations and colors in this book are what captivate me the most.  I see there is a new version with a blue cover, but mine is orange.  I actually think this book is the reason that I love the color orange so much today. There are several little stories going on at once on this sweet farm and it all comes together in the end.

The Sweet Touch, by Lorna and Lecia Balian is a 2nd favorite.  This was my sister’s favorite too.  A story about a girl who makes a wish that everything she touches turns to something sweet.  Isn’t that every kid’s dream?

Do you have favorites from your childhood that you read to your kids?