Pavlova for Australia Day

Big D wanted to make Pavlova for Australia Day, so we made one for the first time from scratch on Friday afternoon.  I have always wanted to learn how to make one and I have to admit, we nailed it.  So. Darn. Good.  And much easier than I anticipated!

Pavlova is simply a baked meringue made from mostly egg whites and sugar, topped with fresh whipped cream and fruit.  It’s a summer dessert that originated in either Australia or New Zealand, depending on who you speak to, but known for sure to be named after Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova.

We had pavlova over Christmas when we were in Australia (which is why he wanted to make another one), but that one had a pre-made meringue base that we bought from the grocery store.  Making it fresh, however, is the way to go!  Not too difficult and oh so good.  We used this recipe and all of her tips, which are brilliant.  Although, after the baking period, when we still had a little fluid leaking from the bottom (reportedly sugar syrup indicating that we most likely didn’t mix the sugar enough into the meringue mixture), I did some googling and read some advice to flip it over to ‘dry out’ the bottom a bit more.  Worked a treat.

I only let it cool for about 30 minutes (rather than the 18 hours! that the recipe called for) and it was fine.  Delicious in fact.  I have to admit, it was even better the next morning after being in the fridge all night.  Roll your eyes in sugar delight kind of good.

I think this will be our new summer dessert too!  Mother’s Day?  Father’s Day?  4th of July?  Can’t wait!