Parenting Through Another’s Eyes

Since school has started back after Christmas, we have been taking a friend’s kid to school as well.

It’s meant to be helping her out, but the ways in which it has helped me has been a huge surprise.  In fact, I feel like I’m getting the better end of the bargain.

For starters, it gets me out of bed earlier.  I love that something other than my alarm clock is holding me accountable and I relish the extra time in the morning.  Secondly, it’s easier to get the kids up and ready so much faster!  They are usually dressed (no small feat for my younger one, let me tell you!!) and at least eating breakfast, if not already done, by the time their friend arrives.  And teeth have to be brushed and socks on before play can commence.  The arguing from them and harassment from SO much less that it’s a huge blessing.  The mornings are so much less hectic.

Then, this is the best part.  I am no longer yelling.  The mornings almost always had me yelling at somebody to do something or to move faster.  But, not only are things moving along at a quicker pace so that yelling isn’t really necessary, but I have an extra pair of eyes on me keeping me in check.

Why is it that you will yell at your own kids in a way that you would never yell at somebody else’s?  Because they will love you regardless?  Because there is nobody they will be telling about your indiscretion?  It’s a sad reality, for me at least, and one that has been magnified to me in recent weeks.    And let’s face it, there is no good reason for all that yelling unless it involves someone about to get hurt.

As always…I strive to do better, though it’s often a struggle.  I’m thankful my eyes have been opened a little wider, yet again, to something that I wouldn’t have otherwise seen.