A Health Crisis

Why does a health crisis have to occur in order to motivate us to change our health habits (and sometimes not even then)?  Why can’t we just do what we know we should be doing to stay healthy? Or is it that we just don’t know what to do? Well, for me it’s pure laziness … Read More

Legos: Love or Hate?

Legos are a love-hate thing for me.  I love love that legos can occupy my boys and their wild imaginations for hours, particularly on a weekend morning so hubby and I can sleep in. I also love that there are no batteries and that there is so much creation/creativity involved. However, I hate hate having … Read More

Relishing the Quiet

I was listening to the radio in the car this morning after dropping off Boo at preschool as the commentator was talking about how most people cannot sit in quiet anymore.  They have to have the radio going or the TV on, even if they aren’t watching, and brag about how many tunes they can … Read More

Blog: Take 5

Blogs.  I’ve had a few.  Most have been private family blogs to keep in touch either while traveling or living far away.  One was an actual attempt at a “real” blog.  A blog that I actually marketed and all that, albeit not to anyone I actually knew.  I didn’t really feel like me.  And, I … Read More