Find The Hidden Sugars In Your Food!

Do you know how to read food labels for sugar content?  I thought I did.  I knew how to look for sugar in the ingredients list, but what I didn’t really know is how many different words there are that basically mean “sugar”. I also didn’t understand how to translate the amount of  ‘grams’ listed … Read More

I Cooked Bacon for the First Time

Yup, 42 and I had never cooked bacon before until the other night.  Granted, I know there are loads of vegetarians who have likely never cooked (or eaten) bacon before either. But, I’m no vegetarian.  Well, at least not anymore.  This is likely the reason I’ve made it so long without cooking it, though I … Read More

Snowmageddon 2015

The boys are on day SIX of being out of school because of “inclement weather”.  Otherwise known as “Southerners cannot drive in snow and ice”. We were already out for President’s Day last Monday, while all morning long we were being pelted with freezing rain.  It slowly turned to snow but only after it had … Read More

Learning Through Fiction

So, I’m talking to my sister yesterday about how I was up until nearly 2 am, reading, the night before.  I started watching a movie (The Welldigger’s Daughter – French, subtitles, very good), and then tried to go to sleep but kept visualizing upsetting things. So, I reached for a book.  I’m currently reading the … Read More