Snowmageddon 2015

The boys are on day SIX of being out of school because of “inclement weather”.  Otherwise known as “Southerners cannot drive in snow and ice”.

We were already out for President’s Day last Monday, while all morning long we were being pelted with freezing rain.  It slowly turned to snow but only after it had built up a half inch of ice onto everything.

Our city is SO not equipped for this.

The kids were, and still are, ecstatic, however.   And ice, did in fact, allow for super fun for sledding on the local golf course onTuesday and Wednesday.   It was even pretty amusing when twenty plus parents (and cheering children) on top of a giant hill all got the district call simultaneously that we’d be out of school for the rest of the week.

IMG_8660 IMG_8651

It started to get less fun, however, as the week progressed.  Occasionally peppered with humor every time my husband ran to the store to get something.  He joked about how he had to “knock down an old lady” for an avocado or how it feels like we are on “war time rations” because the shelves are so empty.

The beer fridge was empty ya’ll.  Empty.  Yeah, like I said, southerners do not do winter weather very well.  But, at least we have our priorities straight.

By Friday….we were all starting to unravel.  Too much togetherness, too damn cold, and not enough opportunity to get out of the house.

Now it’s Monday and we are out of school, again.  Oh my Lord.  When will it end?  Where are you, Spring??