Life List

I’ve had many goals/dreams/bucket list items, or whatever you want to call them, over the years and have accomplished quite a few.  But, I’m not dead yet, so here are the others*:

Travel is probably one of my biggest goals.  I love to travel and have hit 15+ countries already, but there are so many more to go.  Plus, I want very much to explore many of the places I’ve already been again, but through my children’s (and my older and ‘wiser’) eyes.

Travel: (some places I have been to before, but want to go back or take our kids)  World – Scotland | England | Ireland | France | Spain | Italy | hobbit houses in New Zealand | more of Australia | Pompeii | Greece | Cuba |  Montreal |  Czech Republic |  Cruise down the Rhine | Amsterdam | Bruges | go inside the Sydney Opera House |U.S. – San Francisco | Seattle | Portland | go inside a real pueblo house in New Mexico | NYC | New Orleans | Charleston | D.C. | Hawaii | Boston | Coney Island | fly 1st class to Australia | take kids to an outdoor movie in Broome | travel somewhere in a camper van/RV | visit Universal/Harry Potter World | Graceland at Christmas time | Niagra Falls
Finance: 1 million in retirement | pay off our house | own a rental property | create passive income | own a beach retreat | become financially independent
Lifestyle: be conversational in Spanish | raise a puppy | start a foundation/charity in my Mom’s name | write a children’s book | play lawn bowls | walk 1000 miles in one year | complete a marathon | weekend trip with Hubby | hire a babysitter once per month and go out | read Anna Karenina | go to a drive-in movie | watch the KY Derby in person | create a family portrait with cross-stitch | get puppy | stay off Facebook for a month | teach kids to make their own pancakes | put up a little library | go on a girl’s weekend | Duolingo Spanish for 15 minutes per day every day for a month | walk the Boulevard Bolt as a family | learn to sew | learn to knit or crochet | plant fall tulip bulbs | live overseas again | spend the night in a tee pee or yurt or lighthouse | go on a girl’s weekend | solve family genealogy ‘Cherokee’ mystery | go to the KY Derby | attend a play or musical on Broadway |
Food: grow lettuce and beets and sweet potatoes | make pavlova | make ‘healthy’ ice magic | find or make a veggie burger that my kids like |


* I reserve the right to add to this list at will as my dreams are ever expanding and evolving.