Favorite Pinterest Boards for Readers

Summer is in full swing here and while we often hole ourselves up in winter to read under blankets, warmer weather and summer break simply means reading outside or curling up in bed for late nights and lazy mornings since there is no school. In fact, Big D’s favorite part of summer break is being able to stay in bed in the morning with no obligations other than turning the page and finishing yet another book.  Ahhh, bliss.

We are a family of readers though and sometimes it’s hard to keep up and find new books to read.  Between the chapter books that my oldest consumes like food and the picture books that my youngest still likes me read to him each night, it’s a challenge to find good ones that we’ve not read before.  So, if I stumble across a good one, it’s nice to have a place like my Pinterest book board for kids, so I can remember it for later.

Here are the other Pinterest Book Boards that I currently follow!

Books About – this is one of my fave boards for children’s books.  She will generally post a whole bunch at once on one particular subject, particularly just before a holiday or event anniversary.  Great for homeschooling and teaching a specific subject.

Best Picture Books for Children – I recently stumbled across the Art Bar Blog and her board and she has a great mix of picture books that I’ve not seen before.  I love going through these lists and simultaneously reserving them at my local library each week!

And last but not least, there is Design Mom’s Children’s Books board.  I’ve been gleaning ideas from this list for years!

When it comes to my oldest, who is almost eleven, and chapter books, I’m pretty cautious with what I recommend him reading.  I want him to enjoy what he reads and I don’t feel like you can enjoy something that you can’t understand, follow or relate to.  I often to say to him, “just because you can read it doesn’t always mean that you should“.

So, even though I often pin away, before I recommend it, I check on Common Sense Media before recommending it.   It’s a great site for when you don’t want/have time to read the book beforehand, but are worried the content may not be age appropriate.  (I look on there for movies too).  The content is broken down into categories and rated by both parents and kids.  But, by all means, read the comments and make your own judgments for your own family, because sometimes the reasons are valid and sometimes they just aren’t and frankly don’t give kids enough credit.

What About Chapter Books?

Since we have two boys, I get a lot of ideas for chapter books from this board, Books For Boys And don’t be fooled by the title.  There are great books with strong female characters that would also appeal to boys.  Sometimes I have to trick my boys though.  Like when I put Sarah, Plain and Tall on in the car and they are hooked before they even really knew what it is.  If I would have suggested it, they would have passed, saying it was a girl book.  But, instead they loved it and we listened to all four books in the series.  I also focus on what my boys will like and have my own list at Books for Kids.

For the middle age range books, I like Middle-Grade Fiction and Non-fiction.  She has a nice mix of chapter books and picture books.  Big D is like me and still loves a good picture book too.

Both my boys actually love non-fiction as well.  And although I enjoy it myself, I’m not actually a fan of reading it to my kids.  This board, Non-fiction Books That Your Kid Will LOVE, solves that problem!  Oh, my word!!  So many wonderful choices.

Don’t Forget the Grown-ups!

I love to read too!  Stuff that kids cannot read!  (Can we say, Outlander?).   I just recently finished Little Big Lies (which I loved once I got into it) and I am currently reading The Pillars of the Earth, which I found on this list.  It hasn’t really grabbed me yet, but it’s still pretty good and I’m still going. 

The Librarian’s List is my favorite and has an insane amount of pins.  If you are a book nerd, you will get lost in this board and find yourself wanting to pin everything.

Well, that should keep you busy for a while.  If you know of another board I should follow, please just don’t tell me.  Ha…just kidding!  I mean, I don’t waste spend enough time on Pinterest.  For reals.