Long Weekends and Easter Eggs

I don’t know how other SAHPs feel, but I love Fridays just as much as when I worked outside the home.  Waking up on the weekend without having to rush my kids out of bed to eat breakfast and not having to make school lunches and shout about getting shoes on…..Oh!  It just makes a morning so much more enjoyable!

I still try to get up early and start the coffee brewing.  I love sipping coffee slowly in the peace and quiet of a still sleeping house.  If I’m lucky, I will have a long email from a dear friend in Australia waiting in my inbox to pour over while I sip.

And to get an extra day of that because today is Good Friday/Easter weekend….yay!

We don’t have any really big plans for easter weekend, other than to start in on some gardening to celebrate that Spring is finally here to stay!

Last year I was debating if I should plant a vegetable garden by the road.  We have a new, really sunny spot (due to a giant tree removal) in our front yard, but I started worrying about toxins leaching from passing traffic.

After reading multiple articles, including this article that points out the possible hazards of urban gardening and this one that gives tips on front yard gardening, I decided that it would be okay.  We have raspberry and blueberry bushes on the inside of the fence and decided to plant some non-food plants on the outside to sort of act as a buffer.  I figure the fact that the food is local and not sprayed with pesticides outweighs any potential harm from it being near the road.  Plus, I just love the idea and history of Victory Gardens, don’t you?

Heck, this guy planted a garden in his truck!

Some other things I’ve seen this week…
  • How adventurous are you?  Would you stay in one of these Skylodges that are totally transparent capsule suites (they even have a kitchen!) and perched on the side of a mountain 400m up?  I am going to be the first one to turn in my one-way ticket to Nopeville.  No Way.
  • I did make these easy Oven Baked Chicken Tacos and they were super yummy and equally easy.  I skipped the chilis because my kids don’t like a lot of spice, but these tacos were a big hit at our house.
Easter Eggs!

These are the blown out silk-dyed Easter eggs that we made about four years ago.  We still have them and put them out in a little basket at Easter.  So pretty!

Are you dying eggs this weekend?  My kids are wanting to dye them this year.  I’m waffling between going all hippy dippy and making dyes from food (purple cabbage, turmeric, onion skins, beets) or just going for easy peasy old school as I’m feeling pretty lazy about it all.

What do you do?  Or maybe you skip the egg dying altogether like we have for the last few years?

Whatever you do, I hope it’s wonderful!  See you back here next week!