A Book and a Movie

Oh man, I love a good book.  But, I also grew up watching and loving movies with my family, and old movies with my Grandfather.  He would watch movies all day long and it was one of the ways that we bonded, by watching them together. But, anyone who loves both knows…the book is always … Read More

A Long Winter

It hasn’t been an especially long winter yet, (jury is still out since it’s still February), but it has felt long.  It’s been especially cold.  Bitter cold.  Even here in the South, where it has snowed pretty much everywhere around us…it has still been bitterly cold. Now, I will admit, I’m pretty pathetic when it … Read More

All Suess All the Time

In our car at the moment, and for the past several weeks in fact, it’s been about The Bippolo Seed audio book.  And pretty much nothing else.  Yes, I realize this might drive some insane, but for me it’s peace.  My kids can talk the bark off a tree and if we are listening to … Read More

Books for Boys

My oldest son is in 1st grade and is an avid reader.  If I find him ones he really likes I get lots of quiet time while he’s reading!  Win for everyone! So, you can bet I’ve been looking hard to find him books that he will love.  Hubby and I have always been avid … Read More

Book Nerd

I am a book nerd.  I love books.  I always have.  I love the feeling I get when I am surrounded by books, whether at the book store or at a library. I could easily spend all day at either place just reading new things and looking at pictures.  As a child,  I would always … Read More

Thank You

Dear Sun, Thank you for reappearing and helping new life spring up each day, reminding me that life goes on and is amazingly beautiful.  And thanks for warming my face and arms and making it impossible not to leave my pity party and enjoy you.  I needed that. Cheers,  January Girl Inspired by the blog, … Read More