Today I Will

I picked up a book of this tittle the other day at the library.  ‘A year of quotes, notes and promises to myself’, it says.  I pulled it out of the library bag while cleaning today and thought to myself, “Today I Will…go easy on myself”. I’ve been beating myself up a bit as of … Read More


Decisive is what a friend called me today.  She’s a fairly new friend.  Otherwise, she would have never tagged me with this moniker.  I told my husband and he just laughed.  Decisive is just something that I am not.  I often agonize over fairly meaningless minutia. I am trying harder though to do better.  My … Read More

I Will Do Better Tomorrow

There seems to be a lot going around the mom blog world lately about doing things as parents that we regret.  Specifically about when we lose our shit on our kids for whatever reason, usually because we are all always in too much of a hurry.  This parenting crap is hard, y’all.  I was thinking … Read More

The Little Things

I love how excited my kids get about little things.  It makes everyday life seem so special. Yesterday I decided to take them to see Night At The Museum 3 (totally awesome by the way, we all loved it).  Well, you would have thought I told them we were hopping on a plane and flying … Read More

Too Cool For School

O.m.g is cold outside.  Single digits in the South is just not cool y’all.  So, the thing about the cold is that in the South you don’t get so many snow days, but as of last year, we’ve started getting “cold days”. Yes, it is what it sounds like.   A day off school because it’s … Read More

Ordinary Accomplishments

It’s early January and it’s snowing.  Not common in Nashville, so pretty to look at.  From a warm house, mind you…like a true Southerner, I don’t particularly enjoy cold weather.  But I digress… In a week I will be 42.  I always fret just a little when my birthday rolls around.  Another year gone and … Read More


That’s what it feels like has happened today.  I am going along swimmingly, basking in the status quo of ordinary (which is highly underrated in my opinion), when whammo….sideswiped. My Dad calls to tell me that my Mom might be going into hospice.  She has been ill for about 2 1/2 years now.  Well, a … Read More

A Few Favorite Things

It’s the first full week of summer for us and we have headed down to the beach!  My Dad grew up in Pensacola, Florida, so we drove down yesterday to spend a long weekend with my Aunt and visit with my Grandparents. But, not without sticking our toes in the sand, our heads in the … Read More

The Essential Electric Kettle

I am no longer an expat, but Hubby is.  He’s Australian.  And, even after 12 years of living in the U.S., we still get looked at as if we have two heads sometimes when we say or do certain things. The differences and customs and slang is still there, thankfully, but some differences are more … Read More

One. More. Day.

One more day until summer break.  Nothing earth shattering.  Just…summer break.  A break from schedules and packing lunches every morning and shouting at kids to get their shoes on and complaining about homework (sometimes me too) and trying to fit it all in after school. We are ready.  So ready that there are actually 2 … Read More