A Reverse Life List

We’ve been pretty busy lately with school and soccer and volunteering and the beautiful weather.  Spring is always the time of year that I am the most distracted.  I want to sit and drink on patios, dig in the dirt in my garden and, after months of being cold, simply be outside and feel the … Read More

Stop Organizing and Purge

I read this post on Becoming Minimalist about all the crap that we own and it made me feel sick.  300,000 items in the average American home?  The average American throws away 65 lbs of clothes each year?   Women will spend more than 8 years of their lives shopping?  Omg.  Well, not this woman. I’m … Read More

Holidays After A Loss

Holidays after a loss are pretty crap.  There is no getting around it.  This first year after my Mom died, I have just gone through the motions and tried to get through it.  I nearly always feel better once it’s over and I don’t have to put on my happy face. Yesterday was Mother’s Day … Read More

Snowmageddon 2015

The boys are on day SIX of being out of school because of “inclement weather”.  Otherwise known as “Southerners cannot drive in snow and ice”. We were already out for President’s Day last Monday, while all morning long we were being pelted with freezing rain.  It slowly turned to snow but only after it had … Read More