catching the sun

Well, now that there is finally some sun to catch…yay for Spring!!

I needed to keep the wee one busy while I cleaned out our art cabinet.  He wanted to do an art project, so I needed an easy one that didn’t require a lot of supervision or help.  I ran across a piece of hard plastic and decided it would make a great sun-catcher.  I cut it into the shape of a heart.

I covered it all over with glue (with a paint brush).


Little C stuck cut up pieces of colored tissue paper all over it.



After it was covered, we let it dry before trimming the edges.  To finish it up, I punched a hole in it, put a pretty string through and ta-da…a pretty sun-catcher.  I bought some little suction cup hooks at the hardware store so I could hang it on the window.  He’s super proud of his creation!  And it makes me happy to look at it.