5 More Tips for Long Haul Travel

Okay, so it’s 3 weeks later and we are back from our trip to Australia.  As I’d said before, it has been 4 years since we had taken a trip like this and I learned some new things about what to take/not to bother taking on the plane with older kids.  Going to record here for my future reference.

Number One….I will never travel without air/motion sickness medicine again.  Better to be safe than sorry.  Big D got airsick on the LA to Brisbane portion of the flight and it was just awful.  He was nauseous, with dry-retching and vomiting for over 10 hours.  We had nothing to give him.  We bought something for the flight back and he did great.  There was a girl in front of us, however, that I found out at the end of that flight was also airsick.  I wish I would have known since I had some airsick tablets I could have shared.

What Else I Will Take

Secondly,  I will fill a small suitcase and pack it inside a larger one.  Then, I will have an extra suitcase to come home with.  I did have an expandable duffel bag (those things are genius) that I had packed, thank goodness, but I underestimated how much extra stuff we would come home with.

Small card games for the win!.  We took 3 games (Uno, Blink and Spot It) with us that we did play during our trip and with cousins while we were there.  They were small and easy to pack.

Taking two empty water bottles (empty to get through security) to the airport to fill up at the water fountain was an idea I read on a travel forum, and it is brilliant.  It was summer and hot during our visit so we took those water bottles everywhere.  No telling how much money we saved by not buying bottled water everywhere we went.

What I Will Leave Behind

I will not take as many books.  We don’t have kindles (we are old school) and I greatly overestimated how much we would read. The lure of movies on the plane was so great that not much else, other than sleeping, was accomplished in the air.  It was good to have some activities available during layovers, but we didn’t need a lot of what we took.

We are getting better at lighter travel. Next time we travel to Australia will be for Christmas, so I will have to share on how we pack all our Christmas gifts while traveling!  If you have any tips on that, please share them here!