Allowance for Kids

We have started up allowances again.  And this time we are not tying it to chores.  The boys simply get an allowance each week. I know a lot of folks probably think that’s crazy.  They think kids should be doing something to earn those dollars.  They feel that an unconditional allowance doesn’t reward for a … Read More

A Long Layover in Los Angeles With Kids

As you might have read previously, I’m a southern gal from Nashville and Hubby is from Down Under way.  So, when we travel to Australia for a visit, we nearly always fly through Los Angeles.  Typically when flying from this direction, we leave Nashville in early evening only have a few hours layover in LA … Read More

Long Weekends and Easter Eggs

I don’t know how other SAHPs feel, but I love Fridays just as much as when I worked outside the home.  Waking up on the weekend without having to rush my kids out of bed to eat breakfast and not having to make school lunches and shout about getting shoes on…..Oh!  It just makes a … Read More

A Reverse Life List

We’ve been pretty busy lately with school and soccer and volunteering and the beautiful weather.  Spring is always the time of year that I am the most distracted.  I want to sit and drink on patios, dig in the dirt in my garden and, after months of being cold, simply be outside and feel the … Read More